October 01, 2014


B. (Paris, France)

Le sac qui vous suivra partout en toute occasion

L'idee de Justine Red c'est le sac a tout, grand sac a tout ranger et leger leger
et puis le toucher d'une belle matiere satinee, souple et legere et des anses en cuir, le tout si solide qu'en cas de rupture, on vous assure un SAV digne des grands... de jolies couleurs et l'humour du logo.
On y est gentiment accueillie de sorte qu'on a envie d'y revenir pour un cadeau a offrir  

September 26, 2014


J.C. (New York - USA)

I bought a gorgeous bag and scarf at the Justine Red shop in St. Germain. What a lovely shop - and the salesperson was so kind! I love my bag and am happily toting at home in NYC. What a great reminder of a beautiful trip to Paris!
August 13, 2014


E.B. (Paris, France)

Je suis raide (dingue) de Justine Red.

J'ai acheté un sac chez Justine Red cet été et depuis je n'attends qu'une chose ...la nouvelle collection ! Essayer c'est l'adopter ! A plat dans la valise , ça ne prend aucune place. C'est génial!
On ne sait que choisir . Les couleurs des sacs sont vraiment très belles .
Il y a également des étoles absolument superbes que l'on peut assortir aux sacs.
Dès la rentrée je me précipite !!!!! Il n'y en aura pas pour les curieux !!!!

August 11, 2014


K.G. (Virginia, USA)

Merci! Merci! Merci! 

I am so grateful for all of your special consideration for my order. I look forward to the opportunity to share with family and friends how much I love your bags and accessories! 

August 07, 2014


B. (Moscow, Russia)

Топ качество и стиль, цена тоже порадовала!

Забежала в этот магазин случайно, а вышла с горой покупок! Как раз искала большую яркую сумку, но «высокого полета». Ассортимент отличный, сервис не только вежливый, но и крайне полезный. Жертва моды в полном восторге, и даже, что удивительно, там же подобрала подарок маме. Место – высший класс.

August 05, 2014


J.D. (New York, USA)

Your bag has worked exactly as I wanted. No exaggeration.

It is light weight but sturdy and even with heavy use here in Manhattan, it shows no wear. The open top is extremely convenient when I want to pick up a few items. I do not worry about pickpockets in crowds or on the subway; that sewn in zip compartment replaces my wallet on those days. When I get home, I don't have to dig around in the bottom for my house keys. I just pull them up on the cord that attaches them to the bag. I take the makeup case only when I need it, but keep it packed and ready to go.


July 26, 2014


L.L. (Toronto, Canada)

Great selection - lovely store and helpful friendly service.
Have rec'd lots of compliments on my new bag which I am LOVING.
Great store - do not miss it if you are in the area.
July 23, 2014


B.G. (California, USA)

Thank you so much for the invoice and for your kind note  I recently was in Paris and purchased a white tote. I went to Nordstrom and showed the bag to my personal shopper who use to work in designer handbags. She loved it and took your information to pass on to the buyer of handbags. She would love a handbag like mine for her golf gear. People in California are very active in sports and need a tote to carry equipment, golf shoes, tennis equipment, hiking shoes, water, swim suit and towels. I'm very happy with my bag it is wonderful and also reminds me of my wonderful trip to Paris.  


July 20, 2014


K.T. (Boston, USA ) 

Thank you so much for the invoice and for your kind note.

We hope to return soon, and will also tell our friends about your wonderful shop, so they can stop in when they visit Paris.


July 02, 2014


A.U. (Paris, France)

I am really in love with Justine Red bags! High quality and unique style! Truly Parisian chic! The best thing to bring from France.